Extensive Purification Technology Tool Box

SynConnections team has been involved in challenging manufacturing projects that required complex purification techniques. During the past years, valuable separation technologies have been developed for purifying chiral compounds, bioconjugates, peptides, charged biomolecules, and nanomedicines.

Preparative HPLC technologies

In addition to the in-house ISCO and BESTA low pressure automated purification systems we use sophisticated preparative LC systems.  We can deliver within days if the demand is for purification of multigram quantities of an API, or for the isolation of traces of impurities from complex mixtures. Helped by mass triggered fraction collection we can even handle non-chromophoric compounds such as sugars. After initial setup, these automated purification systems can run fully unattended for prolonged periods of time.

Chiral chromatography

Partly in response to our extensive work on diastereomeric resolutions, SynConnection offers chiral chromatography technologies using chiral HPLC and chiral GC columns. Successful performance of such work depends on rapid access to reliable information with regard to the enantiomeric excess of chiral compounds.

Virtually any racemate can now be separated very quickly on an analytical basis using in house developed rapid screening protocols. The same chromatographic techniques are used to support development work on e.g. chiral pool syntheses or enantioselective catalysis. These separations can be scaled up and applied in GMP manufacturing campaigns.

GMP purification tool box

An extensive tool box of fully cGMP qualified purification equipment is available, which is dedicated to reducing the production time of clinical batches. We support your project from the production of the first batches up to commercial scale by providing in-house custom purification services. Feel free to contact us for more information about our purification services. Our GMP purification technologies include:

  • Purification of charged biomolecules and bioconjugates
  • Ultrafiltration and nanofiltration for concentration, desalting, and depyrogenisation
  • Purification and concentration of nanoparticles and liposomes
  • Gel filtration chromatography
  • Method development and production from gram to multi-kilogram scale
  • Preparative HPLC and chiral separations
  • Preparative column chromatography on Kg scale

Please contact us for information about SynConnections purification technologies.