Reference Materials Supply

The custom synthesis of organic compounds in milligram to kilogram quantities is and has been our core business since decades. We do not hesitate to perform complex multi-step syntheses or enantioselective syntheses. The majority of our synthesis projects is focused on synthesizing novel building blocks, intermediates and APIs for the pharmaceutical industry.

Impurities and Metabolites

To assess the full activity profile of a pharmaceutically active compound, identification and synthesis of metabolites and impurities are often required. In case of identification issues SynConnection offers the technologies to clarify the matter. We have experience in impurity characterization, taking advantage of our high-quality analytical department and relying on our understanding of complex NMR studies. We can supply several metabolites directly from stock, or we offer the synthesis of impurities and metabolites, as well as their stable isotope labelled derivatives.

Labelled Compounds (D, C13, N15)

SynConnection offers high-quality custom synthesis of stable isotope labelled compounds. Over the years, we have acquired expertise in the incorporation of isotopes like deuterium, carbon-13 and nitrogen-15 to diverse compound classes such as vitamins, steroids and biologically active compounds. We can provide labelled compounds that will contribute to your medical research and medicinal chemistry, helping you to understand metabolic processes or the influence of impurities. Additionally, we offer the synthesis of both new and known PET precursors for the execution of clinical and pharmaceutical studies and trials. Our synthetic capabilities and experience includes pharmaceutical intermediates, metabolites, APIs, peptides, biologically active molecules, reference standards and controlled drug standards (DEA). Various stable isotope labelled compounds are available from stock. Please inquire for available off the shelf labelled products.

Reference Standards

Hundreds of pharmaceutical reference standards and materials have been prepared at SynConnection, often using de-novo synthetic routes. We can supply many of these reference standards, which includes statines, carbohydrates, cannabinoids, opiates, steroids, vitamin D derivatives and stable isotope labelled analogs of all of these. If the desired pharmaceutical reference standards are not available from stock, we can provide any of these compounds by custom synthesis. Our long standing experience in chemical synthesis will allow us to meet the most difficult request and make reference standards available to facilitate your research.

Custom Synthesis Specialties

  • Pharmaceutical Reference Standards
  • Metabolites and Impurities
  • Stable Isotopically Labelled Compounds
  • Process Research and scale up
  • Materials science support